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12 August 2012

New Work Published: Tummy Ticklers

Fresh out on Amazon is something for the little 'uns that I've had the pleasure of illustrating.  It's "Tummy Ticklers:  151 Funny Jokes for Kids" by Ella Kennan, with my own work in color on the cover and in black and white at various spots throughout the book.
This is not the sort of thing I usually do, but every once in a while it's nice to break out of my usual genre-based mold and do something fun with a sense of humour.  For this particular project, I drew a little on the style of classic artist Jack Davis to try to produce illustrations that had a good visual punch to back up the jokes written by Ella.
Make no mistake:  this book is for kids, or at least the young at heart.  You're not going to find sophisticated humour a la George Carlin or Bill Hicks in these pages.  Not even Jackie the Joke Man, for that matter.  The good news is:  this book is for kids.  It contains the kind of puns and wordplay I love to torture my own kids with, and that I find always engaging enough for young minds to get them started coming up with their own jokes and one liners.  If you're looking for a conversation starter with your child or something amusing to share with your classroom, this book would be a good place to start.
Even better is the price.  It's available on Kindle right now for a meager 99 cents.  At that price, you could even gift it to your young one(s) to get them reading on their own.  Just be sure you get them to tell you how much they liked the illustrations.

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