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18 August 2014

New Work Published: Drabblecast # 335 - To Whatever

Hooray!  It's Lovecraft month over at the Drabblecast.  All things squamous and cthonic will be celebrated throughout the month of August, with some decidedly great fiction coming down the line.
This week's offering is "To Whatever" by Shaenon Garrity, featuring an episode cover by yours truly.  This one's a lighter sort of creeping doom, paying homage to stories such as Rats in the Walls and Dreams in the Witch House.  Give it a listen.
By the way, if you get Drabblecast in a mobile podcatcher, you should know that the art, frankly, looks terrible.  Seems I didn't plan well enough for the scaling necessary for small screens.  I strongly recommend you take a look at the full-sized version, as there's a couple of nice Lovecraftian in-jokes there.

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