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04 May 2007


Don't forget that tomorrow is Free Comic Book Day. Here's a chance to grab some great reading material at a fabulous! Comic shops everywhere will be giving away free comics, including such noteworthy titles as "Bongo Comics Free for All" (a Simpsons comic), "The Umbrella Academy", "Comic Genesis" (aka Keenspace, host to The Journals of Simon Pariah), "The Unseen Peanuts" and "Amelia Rules" (great kids comic). If you're a collector, there will be a few nice items to add to your treasure trove here, but even if you're not a reader, here's a great chance to try something new at the best possible price. If you're lucky enough to be in a major centre (like Halifax, whee!), you might even be able to get some books signed by the creators.
So find your nearest comic shop and nab some freebies, then sit back with a self-indulgent snack of your choice (Tandoori Doritos and a Diet Coke is my current fave)and treat yourself to a good reading session...on the house.

Quick side note: once you're done with the comics, I've found a great thing to do with the ones you don't want is to save them up for Hallowe'en and give them out to the trick or treaters. I've been doing it for about 10 years, and now when I open the door, I often hear, "Is this the place that gives out comics?" The kids love 'em, and you're sneakily getting them to read something without them knowing it's good for them.

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