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22 May 2007

Painterly Aspirations

Concluding my recovery of images from my old Freeservers site, here's some color work that I thought was worth sharing. Most of what you'll see here was done in acrylic, although I sometimes use watercolor for backgrounds and will occasionally enhance with india ink.
First, here's an old favorite of mine, coming out of my love of horror films. The piece is titled "Devil's Cinema" and includes images taken from a variety of horror flicks, from the 1920's through to the 1980's. A free cookie to anyone who can name all the films (I doubt if I can after all this time).
This piece is 15" x 20" on illustration board and is currently for sale.

This portrait of "Evil Ernie" is a contest entry I did for a Chaos Comics trading card set a few years back. It didn't win, but I still think it was a fine piece of work.
The original of this is actually watercolor over a photocopy, mounted in black matboard and is currently for sale.

This unusual image is a color rough of a painting done for a friend of mine who's keen on vampires. The unusual shape of the piece was borne of my love of giving my framer fits.
The rough is colored pencil on bond paper and is currently for sale.

This piece was inspired by David Mack's "Kabuki" and Masamune Shirow's "Ghost in the Shell". It was done just for the fun of it.
This piece is ink and acrylics on illustration board at (approx.) 4" x 16" and is currently for sale.

The following is another color rough for a painting that was done for a wedding gift. It is based on Mozart's "Magic Flute" opera, and unabashedly steals designs from P. Craig Russell's graphic adaptation of that opera.
This piece is a composite of two sheets of 11 x 17 bond paper, painted in watercolor. The bird in flight is a separate piece of paper fixed to the main page. It is currently for sale.

Finally, just to show that I do paint things other than the fantastic or horrific, there's this country sampler piece. A friend challenged me to do a piece of art in this style, and this was the result. It's not quite as two-dimensional as most pieces in this style tend to be, but I think it came off well. On the original painting, that rusty colored border is gold ink and the double doors on the house open to reveal an Xmas message inside.
This is scanned from a color photocopy and I do not have the original art for sale. If anyone wants to donate the $10 it would cost me for shipping, I'll gladly package the copy and send it to them.

OK, so now that I've put all these images out there, it's time to get back to my scanner and my filing cabinet and get some of my other work online. Also, I've got several new projects in the works that I hope to be able to share soon.

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