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24 March 2007

Guest Artist Time!

Here's a piece by guest artist Raven Dominic. This is one of her first manga style drawings, and one of the first she's finished with Photoshop. Not bad, considering she's still 8. I think she's got a bright future....

22 March 2007

Showin' Off...

I need to get a few more portfolio pieces up here. Bear with me while I let my colors fly for a bit...
Click on the smaller image to see a full-sized version, obviously.

First, here's my work on a Frank Cho Avengers piece. Frank's one of my favorite artists and I'd kill to be able to duplicate his linework. He's also one of the best artists to color because his work is so clear and his shapes so interesting.

Next up is a Captain America piece, taken from a piece of art by "chriss2d" at Deviantart. This guy is a hell of a colorist in his own right and it's worth checking out his gallery.

Finally for today, here's a repost of the piece I did for Digital Webbing last year. Inkthinker is another Deviantart artist who has some fantastic line work that is a joy to color. I haven't had this much fun with color since I got my first box of 64 Crayolas (with built in sharpener!).

16 March 2007

Look! Up in the Sky!

Here's a tarted up version of the Supergirl sketch I posted a few days ago. The color was a bit rushed, so I'm not completely happy with the end product, but I had fun playing with the lighting effects and a few new brushes, so it's all good.

15 March 2007

Wonder Woman! All the world is waiting for youuuu......

Here's a slightly more traditional Amazonian, insipired in no small part by Darwyn Cooke's "New Frontier". The color work on this one was enjoyable. Fun with Gimp plugins.

12 March 2007

Super Women!

A trio of superheroines this time around, again from my workday sketches.

Supergirl is always a favorite. The iconic design of Superman with that curvy feminine shape makes for a great mixture.

Then there's Power Girl, a character who I've always thought was underused. I like the way Giffen wrote her in Justice League Europe, but didn't care for the costume design, even with Bart Sears art. The traditional white one-piece always worked better, in my opinion.

Finally, a dark Themiscyran. Just a rough character design from a story I'd like to write sometime. I know the "evil Amazon" story has been done in Wonder Woman before, but I think I could do something interesting with it, neverthelss.