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25 November 2013

The Journals of Simon Pariah: Now in Audio!

As I've mentioned here a time or two, I'm a huge fan of podcasting.  There's not a day goes by that I don't indulge in several episodes from a wide variety of podcasts, from the literary to the humorous.  Previously, I've had some of my own comedic work podcast, thanks to (sadly podfaded) Air Out My Shorts.

A while back, I thought it would be interesting to hear some of my more serious work read in podcast format.  With that in mind, I did a slight rework of my comic book story, "God of the Cave" from the first issue of "The Journals of Simon Pariah", and submitted it to one of my current favorite podcasts, Marshal Latham's "Journey Into...".  This show specializes in running genre fiction stories with a pulp flavor to them, and I thought it might be the perfect home for Simon Pariah's first foray into the audio realm.
This week, I was thrilled to find that Marshal had decided to run "God of the Cave" as part of his month-long Superhero Marathon Spectacular.  While not directly superhero-related, readers or listeners to this story will see that there is an obvious influence from comics that makes it fit nicely into his theme.
Not only did Marshal have the story read, he had it read by Christopher Munroe,  a voice actor whose work I have enjoyed on another fine podcast, the Dunesteef Audio Fiction magazine.  To it, he added some fine instrumental work by Kevin MacLeod, whose work I have used myself in past projects. 
All in all, it was a masterful job that not only presented the work well, but gave it a new dimension that even I, as the author, can appreciate.
So thanks, Marshal, for choosing to run the story.  I hope it serves you well.  Thanks Christopher, for doing such a fine reading.  And thanks Kevin, for the music that added some swash to my buckles. 
Go over to "Journey Into...", won't you, and give a listen to Superhero Marathon Day 24: The God of the Cave.  Then be sure to drop a line to any of the people involved and let them know what you think. 
As Marshal Latham would say, journey on!