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08 September 2015

I'm Patreon-izing this Establishment!

After much dithering on the idea, I've finally decided to open a Patreon account

For those not familiar with the service, it's a way to support your favorite creators by making repeating or one time donations and receiving rewards for doing so.  It's a great way to keep creators creating, and earn some fantastic art in return.  From where I stand, it's a win/win situation.

In my case, I've set up my account on a subscription basis, with several different levels of support.  The rewards differ based on the subscription amount, starting with access to the private Patreon feed, and going (so far) up to delivery of actual physical prints of new art.  There will be more levels to come, depending on response, but I want to see how the very basic levels do first.

Patreon also lets creators define goals that their supporters can help them reach.  Right now, I've only got one goal, and that's to give up my other side gigs to concentrate my studio time on producing work to share with my supporters.  I have goals in mind, but they will depend on if and when I reach that first goal.  That's really up to you.

The idea behind Patreon is that the creator has to really get out there and sell their work.  I'm not much of a huckster, but I'm going to give it my best shot and see what happens.  Please do me a favor and check out my Patreon page and see what's happening over there.  Even better if you could sign up and help support the artist, even if it's just a buck a month.  I promise to do my level best to make it worth your while....