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14 August 2015

Now Available: The Journals of Simon Pariah #2

Reposeted from the AIM Comics blog, because I can...

"The Journals of Simon Pariah" #2 is available today in print from Amazon and in digital form from DriveThru Comics!
This issue is set in Scotland in the early 17th Century, as Simon has an encounter with ancient forces in the person of a strange red-haired woman and the powers at her command.  Simon Pariah must stand in the teeth of the wind and face "The Hounds of the Forest"!

This story is one of the original stories run at the old Comic Genesis website, wrapped in a redrawn cover and slightly edited for this version, along with a bibliography (!) and several pages of sketches and notes from the development of the story.  
 It was partly inspired by the film "Braveheart" and the legend of William Wallace, and partly from a dream told to me by a friend of mine, who did double duty as the inspiration for the female lead in the story.
It's weird, it's fantastic and it's Simon Pariah all the way!  Check it out today! 

04 August 2015

New Work Published: Angelina and the Egg! by David and Faith Brzezinski

Well, sort of new work.  I took a back seat on this one, working mainly as the book's designer.  David Brzezinski wrote the story and his talented daughter, Faith Brzezinski, provided the illustrations.  I (along with some help from assistant art monkey Cameron) added a few photographic elements to help unify the pictures and words, chose the fonts and generally tweaked the layout of the thing.
From the book's description on Amazon:

"Angelina is a dragon. There is a new egg in her house. A new egg means a new sister. Well, it should mean a new sister. What if it doesn't? What if the new egg isn't all it's cracked up to be?

I think the book will be a treat for younger readers, and I say that not just because of the role I had in it.  The intent of the design was to create the illusion that the pages of the book were actually created by the main character, and so the photos you see are actually photos from within that dragon's world.  Take a look at it and you'll see what I mean.  
The story itself is fun and entertaining, and will make a great bedtime or classroom story for any kid, but especially those who might have a sibling on the way.


 I've worked with David before and always enjoyed the experience and this time was no exception.  Check out the book for yourself, support a young artist, and be sure to let them know what you think!