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10 January 2014

New Work Published: Believable Illusions

At the time of writing, it's the end of the first full week of January, so to all my visitors, Happy New Year!  I'm kicking this one off with a fun little project I hope you'll enjoy.

I sort of did a soft launch on this one just before Xmas, but that was mainly so I could print some copies for vanity press purposes.  Plus, I didn't want to jump all over the attention that belonged to "Bruno the Bandit A Card Game".  Now, though, it's time to introduce you to my latest book, "Believable Illusions".  This is a portfolio of some of my best work to date, including a lot of work I've published both online and off, as well as some pieces that have never seen print before. 
With separate sections for Color, Black & White, Comics, Character Design and a special section of work used for the Whitechapel forums, all of which is annotated with my commentary.  It's a book that's literally been years in the making.  The best thing is, it's still a work in progress!  I plan to update this from time to time with new work as it becomes available, at least until I consider this collection "finished".
Until I put this volume together, I didn't realize how many places I'd been published in the last few years.  From my early color work on Bruno the Bandit to the most recent illustrations for thrash metal group Brain Dead, with a lot of interesting stops in between, it's been a fantastic ride that shows no signs of stopping!

"Believable Illusions" is only available through  What's really great about that is that thanks to DriveThru's new print on demand service, you can get this book in a glorious, full-color hardcover as well as in digital form.  In fact, if you buy the hardcover, you get the pdf version for free!  The hardcover is a meagre 10 bucks, while the pdf version is only $1.99.

If you like my work, and would like an affordable way to help me keep doing it, this would be a great way to show your support.  Plus, I think I've put enough pretty pictures in there that even if you just want some eye candy this ought to make a good addition to your library.

Check it out, and see what goes into making "Believable Illusions".

Update 01/15/14:  Oops...just realized I hadn't made the hardcover active for sale.  Fixed now.  Buy it in droves, you will.