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15 October 2015

Fear is the Mind Killer! - Dune Poster at Patreon

Recently completed and newly added to my Patreon feed, here's my tribute to Frank Herbert's "Dune" series of novels.  I can't believe it took me this long to get around to reading these books, but now that I have, I finally recognize what great works they are.  The first novel deserves its place as a masterpiece of science fiction, and the following novels are, for me, the kind of world building I like to see around a story of such scale.  This is the kind of approach that films such as Star Wars and Star Trek (and to a lesser degree the Marvel Cinematic Universe) have the potential to develop.

Core to the Dune series, and for me an important theme of the first novel, is the idea of overcoming fear through an effort of self-determination, as represented by the Bene Gesserit creed.  It was that idea that inspired this piece, a strong visual image of a single person against the vastness of the desert.  It is, I think, a subtle depiction of the kind of heroism I find echoed by many of my favorite authors - Robert Heinlein, Isaac Asimov, Ayn Rand, and now Frank Herbert.

As this is not an officially licensed work, I cannot make it commercially available, but a limited selection of prints will be available to my Patreon supporters.  You can find the link in the sidebar.

Click the image to see it at a larger size.