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28 March 2016

If anyone's still reading this blog, they'll see that I've had a bit of a creative slump in recent months.  It's been hard to find a) inspiration, b) time and c) energy to work on anything worthwhile.  This has been for a number of reasons, chief among them being:

1) I've put aside my Fiverr gig and stopped doing free work for anyone.  As a result, it seems that fewer people want your work when you're not giving it away, or selling your time for a fraction of what it's worth.

2) The dreaded personal issues.  The bane of every blogger and creative person.  I won't drag out the details, and the issues are not resolved, but I think I'm handling them with a little more balance right now.

After waking up a little and realizing that I'm not getting any younger, while the projects I want to work on are only piling up, I am making an attempt to get a little bit of creative inertia going.  I'm basing my current efforts on the idea that it's better to do a little each day and move something...anything!...forward than to spend a lot of days doing nothing and try to be creative in bursts, or when inspiration strikes.  This way, I get to keep a sense of some kind of accomplishment while maintaining a balance with everything else in my life.

The result so far is that I've got several projects currently active (meaning they are on my drawing board and being worked on, as opposed to being something I'll get to "someday").  Those include:

1) Brutal Blade of Bruno the Bandit Vol. 6 for AIM Comics.  The book is nearly done and should be ready to go within a month.

2) The Journals of Simon Pariah issue 3.  You'd think since I'm still mainly scanning and cleaning up old work, I'd be faster with this...but I'm not.  Nevertheless, it is getting done.

3) New album cover for Brain Dead.  Yup.  Watch for it.

4) Supernatural Horror in Literature.  Years overdue, I'm finally making real (if tentative) progress on the illustrated version of H.P. Lovecraft's essay.  This is a labor of love, so it's not going to be done real soon, but it definitely running at a higher priority right now.

In addition, I'm adding new work to my Etsy store.  The originals I sell there are less demanding than some of my other work, but more fun to create.  Plus, it's a fun way to clear out some of my comic book collection.

So stay will arrive slowly, but for anyone who's paying attention, there is definitely more work coming!

04 March 2016

Coming Soon: Dread Streets

I've just turned in the cover for this project.  Check out their website to see the first miniatures made from my work, and watch for their Kickstarter project.  Lend them a hand if you can, and get in on the ground floor of a great new game!

Dread Streets

I'll post more of the work here as soon as it's available online.