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15 February 2013

New Work Published: Drabblecast 272

Fresh on the web, Drabblecast episode #272 features the story "Power Armor: A Love Story" by David Barr Kirtley, for which I have provided the cover illustration.  For this one, I mixed together influences from J.C. Leyendecker and manga comics to capture the impressions that the story made on me.
If you're not aware of it, Drabblecast is a weekly podcast that bills itself as "strange stories by strange writers for strange listeners", and always manages to live up to that description.  Host Norm Sherman is one of my favorite podcast readers, and a darn fine musician as well.  Any episode of the show is worth listening to, even more so when they have the good sense to put my art on the cover.

For the best mecha love story on the web, check out the episode for yourself.