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24 May 2012

Lovecraft eZine - Now on Amazon!

Did you know that you can now get the Lovecraft eZine via Amazon?  I mean, you've always been able to get it for your Kindle via their own website, but now the most recent issues, including the latest one, are available on Amazon as well.  Given the low price (just 0.99 per issue!) and the ease of Amazon's One-Click service (this is not just really is about the easiest way to buy an ebook), it's got to be the best way of getting a regular dose of great writing on your ereader or mobile thingy.  I don't have any work in the May issue due to scheduling issues, but there's lots of talented people who do, and if you even slightly enjoy weird fiction, this magazine is well worth a look.

By the way, I am scheduled to have an illustration in the June issue, so make sure you grab that one as well.