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19 November 2010

Model Bevavior

Gentlemen and Ladies, allow me to introduce Drakaina.

Drakaina is a fantasy art model I recently had the pleasure to meet at Halcon 2010.  She has served as inspiration for a great number of fantasy artists, including Lorenzo Sperlonga, the best of which have been collected in three beautiful volumes of art published by SQP Publications.  Additionally, her image has appeared in a wide variety of magazines, including Playboy and Heavy Metal.
Drakaina was at Halcon to promote her latest art collection and her new comic book.  She was gracious enough to sign a couple of books for me and we had a brief pleasant talk about her preferences in art and her working process.

Through her website, Drakaina offers a gallery of photos for artist reference and inspiration.  The drawings and paintings that fill her books are chosen from among the best of the creations based on these photographs.
Having recently obtained access to this gallery, one of the upcoming projects on my plate is to create a piece based on Drakaina, partly for the enjoyment of it, and partly to see if I can measure up to the artists who have made it into her previous volumes.  As this will be a personal project, I expect it will take some time, but I will post a copy of the image here once it's done.  In the meantime, be sure to check out Drakaina's website, and grab a copy of her books when and wherever you can.

09 November 2010

What I'm Working On

I'm not terribly busy posting lately, but that's a good thing, as it means I've got as much work as I can handle right now.  A large chunk of my time is being spent getting "Brutal Blade of Bruno the Bandit" ready for publication, but I'm also hard at work on another project involving a slew of character designs for a German author.  The deadline's kind of loose on that one, so I'm having great fun researching styles and textures, and playing with lighting and effects in Photoshop.  Here's just one example of the characters I've recently finished.

01 November 2010

Slugging it Out!

Pete Abrams has just announced that Book 10 of his popular webcomic, "Sluggy Freelance" is available from IndyPlanet.  The latest volume, long awaited by Sluggy fans, is titled "Ghosts in the Gastank".  What does this have to do with me, you may ask?  And well may you ask.

Go ahead...ask.

Well, I'll tell you anyway.  If you'll recall, back in June, I posted about some color work I was doing for Sluggy's Saturday strip, "Meanwhile in the Dimension of Pain", drawn by fellow inkslinger Ian McDonald (he of "Bruno the Bandit" fame).  Well, apparently the pages I colored for this set are being reprinted in this latest volume.  I was still a bit raw when I did these, and it shows in spots, but I had a lot of fun working on them, especially with some of the dimension hopping panel busting stuff Ian was doing with the artwork.  I credit these pages with having helped me move forward as a colorist, learning how to handle deadlines and maintaining a consistent look to a set of pages.

I've been a fan of Sluggy Freelance for a long time, if a somewhat irregular one.  Abrams is definitely the creme de la creme of webcomics stardom, and the fact that his strip has been running so long shows how well received it's been in general.  It's also helped set the standard for what a webcomics artist can achieve, although few have so far attained that height. 

I'm pleased to say that Pete has graciously gifted mine and Ian's self-publishing project with a mention at his site, but also with a pinup piece for the first issue.  Keep watch to the blog at AIM Comics for news on that front.

It's great to see the Sluggy machine keep rolling on...even if it does have "Ghosts in the Gastank".