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25 August 2009

In Brightest Day....

Here's a Green Lantern portrait I did for this thread over at The Drawing Board forums. I'm mostly pleased with the final result on this digital painting, although I can see a couple of areas that could use some work. Since it's just for fun, I'm not too worried about it.

18 August 2009

In the Words of a Mad Englishman....

Found today at Warren Ellis's column "Do Anything" over at Rich Johnson site "Bleeding Cool", reposed here entirely without as much as a "by your leave" because I think it's bloody brilliant and perfectly states any number of things I think, including the reason I enjoy reading the work of insane Brits:

“There’s That Goddamn Sun Again”

Another day down the mines of our lives. We drink ’til we stink and smoke ’til we choke because that’s how we get things done, you and me. Spending our lives making things and making things out of our lives, because anything else would be dull as hell and we’re damned if we’re going to sit at the other end of whatever years we get saying, well, what the fuck was that for?

Years of scars, lipstick and tears, and every day the dawn comes on we turn our eyes up in surprise, saying, “There’s that goddamn sun again.”

© Warren Ellis 2006

06 August 2009

Prime Giveaway

My comp copies of Nate Kenyon's "Prime" arrived in my mail yesterday, and I feel like sharing, so it's time for another contest.
For those who don't remember, "Prime" is the novel from Apex Books for which I did the interior illustrations. It's a science fiction murder mystery reminiscent of work by William Gibson, Philip K. Dick or Neal Stephenson, and it's an enjoyable read by any standard.
The copy I have to give away is trade paperback sized and signed by the author (and if you like, I can sign it for you as well). To enter to win it, you just have to email me (see the link to the left) or leave a comment with your email address to be entered in a random draw. The deadline for the contest is next Friday, 14th August at midnight Atlantic Time.
Jump in with an entry, and you might win yourself a nice signed collectible. Of course, if you can't wait, you could alway head over to the book's page on Apex and order a copy for yourself.

05 August 2009

Reading Recommendation...

The latest issue of Apex magazine, vol. 3, no. 2, is now available through the Apex store. What makes this one so special?
Well, they're all special, just because they contain some great fiction and editorials. However, the latest one also has a full color half page ad for this site. This is the first time I've taken out advertising in print for my art. Apex made the rate so reasonable that there was no way I could turn it down. As a bonus, I also get a month of rotating ad banner space on the Apex site, so it's good all ways around.
Apex magazine is available in epub and pdf formats through DriveThru Stuff, in Kindle format via Amazon, and in a print on demand version. You can also get previews of the content at the Apex Book Company site. I've purchased the print version of issue 1, and let me tell you, it is slick. Good paper stock and a nice crisp cover image. Well worth the cover price.