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28 January 2009

Local Hero

Here's a piece I did a few years ago as an entry for an SPX collection. For reasons unknown, but probably having something to do with image quality, it didn't make it in. Nevertheless, it's a piece I enjoyed working on, not least of all because it pays tribute to the owner of the best comic shop I have ever set foot in, Strange Adventures. I've frequented the place for about ten years now, and it remains one of the coolest, most interesting shops I've ever seen.
The pages from the story, "Local Hero" are below, but if you'd prefer, I've also created a .cbz file for reading with CDisplay or your favorite comic reader. Get it here. Enjoy.

26 January 2009


Here's another piece done for Robin Reed's book, Powers vs. Power. This time, it's her character Knighthawk, this piece being used for the back cover of the book. In case you haven't done so already, check out Robin's book over at You can even read some of the stories online at Metahuman Press. Trust me, it's worth a look.

15 January 2009

Aiming for "Peak" Traffic

Returning visitors will notice the nifty new Apex Book Company widget off to the left. I figured after the previous post, I should put my money where my mouth is and lend them some support. Not only have I purchased some of their books, but I'm flying their widget here for the foreseeable future, to keep both you and me informed of their literary doings. There may be other news here, but more about that later...
Once again, I'll reiterate that anything from this company is worth checking out. I've yet to be disappointed with a purchase from them, and don't see any reason why that should change. I'm currently reading Michael Burstein's "I Remember the Future" (available from the Apex store in hardcover and from Fictionwise in handy ebook format), and I'm enjoying it so much that I've purchased a hardcover copy for a friend of mine. As I said in my note to said friend, this is a book that makes you feel more human for having read it. Burstein manages to combine just enough hard sci fi to convince you that you've learned something, with humanist themes that appeal to your empathy. It's good sci-fi, not space opera, in the tradition of some of the great masters like Asimov and Clarke, and well worth the read.
So, once again...Apex. Read. Buy. Go.....