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04 June 2013

New Work Published (Sort of): Deluge of Dolphins by Joshua Price

Out now, you can (and should) buy "Deluge of Dolphins" by Joshua Price, third in his absurdist genre-crossing series, "Annals of Absurdity". 
If you'll recall, I had created art for the first two books in this series, "A Drizzle of Zombies" and "A Downpour of Apes".  As of the third novel, Joshua's gone with a slightly different look for the entire series, but he's retained some of the elements I designed for him, and he had me do the design and some fiddly bits of art for this new cover.  Honestly, I like the direction he ended up choosing, as I think it ended up suiting the tone of his books better than the original idea.  That's not to say that the original covers are any slouch, just that the current versions are better.
Of course, having read the first two novels in this series, as well as the related short story, "A Mind Not Worth Controlling", I strongly recommend giving them a read, under any cover.  Summer's just around the corner, and you're going to want some good beach reading, or something to amuse yourself as you sit in your lawn chair sipping a cold beverage of choice and pretending not to ogle the girl/guy sunbathing next door.  I can't think of anything better to while away those summer hours than this set of highly entertaining and reasonably priced novels.  They're guaranteed to put a smile on your face, and possibly a zombie in your toolshed.
Deluge of Dolphins....get it now, and at the very least, when the great dolphin rebellion arrives, you'll be able to say you saw it coming.

By the way, and just for fun, here's my currently unused cover art for the second book in the series, "A Downpour of Apes".  Enjoy.

03 June 2013

New Work Published: Lovecraft EZine #24

Up today is issue 24 of the Lovecraft Ezine, featuring an illustration of mine for the story "Less a Dream Than This We Know" by Christopher M. Cevasco.  This is a surprisingly touching semi-fictional, semi-biographical piece concerning the passing of the Elder One, H.P. Lovecraft himself, and is very much worth a read.

My illustration for this story was inspired by, and is clearly a homage to, Hannes Bok.  Bok is my favorite golden age pulp illustrator of Lovecraft's work, with his picture for "Pickman's Model" being an early iconic influence on my vision of monsters in general, and Lovecraft in particular.  With this piece, I tried to evoke his subtle stipple-tone style in a way that I felt complemented the story.

One of my favorite things about being an illustrator for Lovecraft Ezine, aside from how easy on the deadlines publisher Mike Davis can be, is the fact that I get to switch up my art style for each issue, and often get to play around in the sandboxes of some of the greats who have gone before me. 

Go check out issue 24 of the's free to read online, and will shortly be available for your mobile device.  Either way, it's worth a read.

Meantime, here's my photo-manipulation from issue 23's "Not With a Bang, But With Waves Whispering", featuring one of my family waiting at the shore....for the Old Ones to rise from the deep?  Ftaghn!