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22 May 2008

Iron Maiden

Here's a sample from a coloring job I recently completed for a book titled "Stormchasers". This was a fun page to do, just because I got to pull out my Hajime Sorayama references and have some fun with gradients and metal textures.
The pencils are by Jay Dee Rosario and the inks by Bobit Nacila. The book will be published as a digital download soon, and I'll post a link here when it's available.

12 May 2008

Destination: Moon

I submit that as of 12:20 Atlantic Time, 12 May, 2008, I am the first comic book artist to have his name sent to the moon (feel free to challenge this assertion in the comments). This was done by submitting my name to be included on a list of names to be carried aboard the Lunar Reconaissance Orbiter, to be launched before the end of 2008.
NASA, through the Goddard Space Centre, Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory and the Planetary Society, is offering the opportunity to submit your name to be included on the list. If you want, you can have your name included here and find out more about the LRO Project here.
This is real science fiction coolness, guys...the kind of really cool thing that the Internet could be used for, instead of ads for Viagra and upskirt shots of Emma Watson, so treat it with respect and don't do a Bart Simpson on the site, please and thank you.

06 May 2008

Meme Me

The hot idea on the street today is "Draw Yourself as a Teen", a meme started by Davario at his LiveJournal blog. Never one to pass up a good idea, or an opportunity to talk about myself, here's my contribution to this net sweeping phenomenon....with slight apologies to Alex Ross and Vin Diesel.

Headbanger? Me? You'd better believe it. I won't tell you when this was, but if you look close, you can probably figure it out from the context.

In case you're wondering, the numbers in the background are the tab to the the opening riffs of Iron Maiden's "Number of the Beast".

UPDATE: Another facet of this challenge seems to be that artists are comparing their teen selves to their current selves. In the spirit of that, here's my somewhat subjective interpretation of what that old-school rocker looks like today:

01 May 2008

Free the Comics!

Don't forget that this Saturday, May 3, is Free Comic Book Day! Run, don't walk, to your nearest comic retailer and grab some good reading material, and maybe discover a new favorite. Or rediscover an old one.

If you're in the Halifax area, the best place for comics on ANY day is Strange Adventures. Not only do they have an incredible variety of books, games and paraphernalia throughout their store, but they also have the friendliest and most personable staff I've seen in any shop...No pretentious Simpson's comic book guys here, but interesting folks who'll gladly help you waste your time and money in a mind-broadening way.