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07 April 2014

New Work Published - Lovecraft EZine # 30 - The King in Yellow Issue!

In the wake of the beautifully nihilistic TV series "True Detective", there seems to have been a renewed interest in Robert W. Chambers "The King in Yellow" and Ambrose Bierce's "An Inhabitant of Carcosa", and deservedly so.  As predecessors in weird fiction to internet darling H.P. Lovecraft, their work is deserving of much more attention, and this month, the Lovecraft EZine looks to deliver that.

To be fair, Mike Davis and his EZine were there first.  They waded deep in the swamps of weird fiction long before Mssrs. Harrelson and McConaughey ever set their toes in the water, so that dedicating an issue to "The King in Yellow" is just a natural progression for the magazine.  In the tradition of so many great past issues, they present issue # 30 - The King in Yellow Tribute Issue.

I'm always pleased to be able to contribute something to an issue of this magazine, but this time I'm proud to say that I get to tackle one of the grandmasters himself.  This issue features my illustration for the iconic tale "The Yellow Sign" by Robert W. Chambers.  This month's contribution is a creepy black and white piece depicting the disturbing watchman from Chambers's story, with a few interesting design touches.  Astute observers may be able to pick out several uses of the seal of Hastur (the "yellow sign") incorporated into the piece.
I'm also excited to be able to say that this month's illustration is the first of many to come for a planned illustrated edition of H.P. Lovecraft's "Supernatural Horror in Fiction" that I hope to release under the AIM Comics imprint within the next year (i.e. as soon as I can get the illustrations done).  I have been planning for some time to do illustrated versions of public domain works, and I can think of no better starting point than Lovecraft's essential essay on the history of horror fiction.

While you're waiting on that, go now and read Lovecraft EZine issue 30.  It's free to read online, but can be purchased in mobile and print editions.

But watch out for that yellow sign.

Oh..and meantime, here's my illustration from issue #29 for Eric Ian Steele's "The Groaner in the Glen".