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01 December 2012

New Work Published: A Downpour of Apes

When it downpours.

Out now is the second in the "Annals of Absurdity" series by Joshua Price, "A Downpour of Apes".  As with his first book in this series, I have been lucky enough to provide the cover art, as well as art for the chapter headings.
"Downpour" continues the adventures of Captain Rescue begun in "A Drizzle of Zombies".  It's a comedic blend of superhero/action/horror genres that is as entertaining a read as you could ask for.  I haven't yet read this particular volume, but if it approaches anywhere near the first book, it will be a feast worth consuming. 

If you're a fan of Terry Pratchett style humour, or if you fondly remember the Neil Gaiman edited series "Temps", you would do well to treat yourself to the Annals of Absurdity books.  Actually, while you're at it, why don't you also check out Price's shorter works in this series, "A Mind Not Worth Controlling" and "The Dawn of Malevolence/Urinal Cakes All the Way Down"?  Heck, you can get the whole lot for under 5 bucks, so what have you got to lose?