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20 July 2012

New Work Published: A Drizzle of Zombies by Joshua Price

Available now at Amazon's Kindle store, "A Drizzle of Zombies" by Joshua Price features a cover created by your truly.  This book is the latest in Price's "Annals of Absurdity" series, for which I'll also be providing the next two covers. 
From the book's description:

"Four unlikely heroes. One absurd undertaking.

Like any good supervillain, Dr. Malevolent robs banks, but when the incompetent Captain Rescue intercepts her latest heist, they accidentally trigger a most undeadly threat: zombies! The two sworn enemies must band forces to save the world, dragging along the perfect allies: a shotgun-toting cop, and... a bunny?

The group ventures to the heart of the undead sea to discover who wants to annihilate humanity. Because zombies are only the beginning. Dun dun dun.

The flood starts in... A Drizzle of Zombies."

The basic design for the cover came from Joshua himself, but in my creative contribution, I tried to keep the tone of the piece light to complement the work inside.  In rendering the elements for the cover, I deliberately tried to recall the style of some of the popular humour novels on the market now (see Amy Sedaris's books , for example), while using darker tones and linework to communicate the more genre-based elements of the book.  Joshua's work is an entertaining blend of humour, action and sci-fi/superhero fiction, so the trick was to find the right balance between light and dark.  I think the end result works rather well.  Comments?

A book like this would make for some excellent summer reading, especially for those fond of work by authors like Terry Pratchett, Douglas Adams or Christopher Moore.  Just the thing for an afternoon at the beach or a few idle hours spent hanging around the coffee shop.