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31 December 2009

2009 - A Year in Review

Yeah, that's pretty much the shape of it.  Here's hoping 2010 shapes up a little better.

30 December 2009

Rock in a Hard Place

Just for fun, here's a monochromatic portrait of Paul Chadwick's "Concrete".  I've been reading some of these books lately and quite enjoyed them.  As usual, I'm late to the party on this stuff, but it's quality is so far undiminished for the passage of time.  Well worth a read, if you get the chance.
This piece takes a bit of artistic licence, as Concrete is not really an action figure kind of character.  This
is just the way it flowed off my pen, and it was fun
to draw, and that's all I needed.

28 December 2009

October in December

This is just because a Picasa user named Octobriana added me to her/his favorites and reminded me that I had done this one for Whitechapel way back.  Besides, nothing says "Seasons Greetings" like a Wendy Williams clone in a leather bustier aiming pink dildos at a red sky.  Happy New Year, internet.

20 December 2009

I'm Madcap Dancing as Fast as I Can

Check out "Behold! Petrellica", the new website of up and coming comics writer Ben Zuerlein.  At Ben's invitation, I am working on a story called "Madcap White Dancing" for submission to Kudzu Comics, an anthology put together by the Yoknapatawpha Art Council in Oxford, MS.  Ben's written a nice short story that's just as reminiscent (to me) of Jaime Hernandez as it is of Neil Gaiman, and I'm really looking forward to digging into it. 
I'll post some of the art from this story online as soon as it is available.  In the meantime, why not check out Ben's site and see what he has to offer.

04 December 2009

First We Take Manhattan...Then We Take R'lyeh is doing a Lovecraft theme this month, just in time for Xmas.  I come by my love of Lovecraft by way of 70's Warren magazines, when Berni Wrightson blew my little mind with his adaptation of "Cool Air".  Later, listening to OTR adaptations of "Dunwich Horror" and seeing John Carpenter's "In the Mouth of Madness" (not a Lovecraft tale as such, but as close as any movie ever got) cemented the relationship.  Now I can gladly say I've read the entirety of Lovecraft's fiction, seen most of the movie adaptations, listened to (I think) nearly every radio show produced from his work, and consumed as many comics adaptations as I could get my hands on.

Best of all, I've been involved in some Lovecraft based work myself.  My favorite to date has been Derek Pegritz's sadly discontinued online mythos novel "City of Pillars", for which I designed webpage banners and a set of postcards that have never been published. 
As part of it's Lovecraft month, Tor invited readers to submit their own artistic interpretations in this thread,which I was more than happy to join.  I've just added the image you see below, which is one of the aforementioned postcard designs.  I've got to say, I'm very happy with the way this piece turned out.  For more fun, go to the Tor thread and see all the other fantastic art that's being posted, both in the original post and in the comments.