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12 September 2013

New Work Published: Safyre

Freshly available for your reading pleasure, may I present Safyre:  Explosive Origins, titanic superhero fiction from the father and son team of David and Caleb Brezinski.  I was fortunate enough to be comissioned to to the front and back covers as well as several interior illustrations for this book, and had a great time doing it.

Looks like I'll have some more work coming up with the Brezinski's, so watch this space!

Safyre is available in Kindle and paperback editions from Amazon right now, either edition being very affordable and sure to please all you superhero fans.  Go and check it out!  Go, I say!

06 September 2013

Someday My Prints Will Come...

With a recent decision to spend more time focusing on  personal projects, I will be adding more work to my DeviantArt page.  I plan to upload some decently high-rez versions of some of my illustrations, and will be offering them as prints through DA's print on demand service.
Right now, you can see the available prints here.  The current offerings include work produced for Bruno the Bandit, the Drabblecast podcast, and the Lovecraft EZine, among others.  If you see something you like, you can get it printed on a wide variety of products from coasters and mugs to full size posters and even on canvas. 
If you do order something from my print store, I'd very much like to hear what you think of it, either regarding the art or the quality of the product. 
Go now and check it just might find something you like.