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16 August 2007

Enter Sandman

Currently, I'm reading, and quite enjoying, the 90's Vertigo series "Sandman Mystery Theatre". I especially like the pulp-themed covers with their clever photographic work. I also enjoy reading a reimagining of an older superhero that does not depend heavily on the Moore/Miller style of reconstruction. Matt Wagner did some first-rate writing on this series, and it's quite a change from his work on Grendel and Mage, which shows his range. I've enjoyed Guy Davis's work since I first picked up Saint Germaine from Caliber, and I'm proud of the recent acquisition of a signed Baker Street hardcover. His work in SMT is a little tighter than it is in most other things I've read by him, but he's still got that loose line and distinct sense of form that bucks the typical comic book esthetic. Good reading all the way around, and highly recommended.

And on that noir note, I'm off for two weeks vacation in atmospheric Newfoundland as nature, proving that it lacks any sense of irony, is about to batter the eastern seaboard with Hurricane Dean. See you in September...and pleasant dreams.

14 August 2007

Tellos Creator Passes Away

This is not the sort of thing I normally post here, but I thought it would be appropriate:

Found, with much surprise, on Drawn!:

Mike Wieringo has passed away

This is the sort of news that comes at you out of the blue and snaps your head around. Wieringo was one of those artists I never followed, but who always caught my eye with his work. He had a clear set of influences, yet managed to turn those into a distinct style all his own. His work was bright, fun and enjoyable, exemplary of some of the best things comics can be.
And he was only 5 years older than me.

I always thought of Wieringo as part of the "new breed" of comics artists....that generation of creators post-Byrne, Perez, etc. who were building on the work of their predecessors the way that group built on the work of Kirby and Lee. And, like most young talents, you see them as being damn-near immortal, or at least as having a good, long run ahead of them.
As an artist when you read something like this, it makes you wonder if you're doing as much with your own work as you could or should be. It makes you think about all those excuses you make for not getting down to that drawing table. And while it's probably not going to turn you into an instant workhorse, it does at least serve as a reminder that you're not going to be here forever.

So get to work.

08 August 2007

All Booked Up, Uh Huh Huh....

Between vacation time and ongoing projects, I'm happy to say that I'm going to be booked up for the remainder of August. I'll still take sketch requests (hey, that Donate button ain't broken, pal!), but any requests received from this point forward will not be completed until September. But hey...keep those projects coming! As long as you keep payin', I'll keep dancin' to your tune!

03 August 2007

Desk Doodles!

A few quick sketches from my blotter to finish off the week. I'd love to get time to color more of these, but there always seems to be something else demanding my time RIGHT NOW! Hmmm....maybe it's time for a sick day.

First up, a sketch sort of inspired by those creepy psychic kids in Akira...

Next, a sketch done while listening to Patrice on the Keith and the Girl podcast. I'm not into gossip, but she's just enjoyable to hear.

For something a bit different, there's this frosty lady...

A couple of larger pieces next. First, this CARniverous vehicle a la Big Daddy Roth...

And finally, there's this. Spongebob Batpants? Batbob Spongepants? A desperate cry for more sleep? You decide.

That's it. I'm off for a wet and wild weekend. Which unfortunately means flume rides and bumper boats with my kids, not semi-disrobed floozies and beer funnels. Oh well; ya takes what ya can get.

02 August 2007

And We Have a Winnah!

I'm pleased to announce that the winner of the Bruno art contest is Robin Reed. Robin is a writer and cartoonist herself; you can find her work at Barstow Productions. Robin not only entered the contest, but took a stab at naming the characters in the drawing, getting nearly every one of them...and making me realize that there's one or two that I can't even name any more.

Congratulations, Robin. And thanks to everyone else who entered. Keep an eye on things here, as I've been thinking it might be fun to do other contests here. If anyone has any suggestions, feel free to send them to me.