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15 November 2006

Halfway Home!


It's the midpoint of the month and the novel is ticking along just fine. It's no great work, but I think it's readable. I haven't heard from the peanut gallery yet, so either no one has any complaints, or no one wants to be the one to tell me it sucks. Either way, it's getting finished. I passed the 50% mark last night by a hair's breadth, and the story still has plenty of steam in it.

This past Sunday, I had the added pleasure of attending a "write-in" at PaperChase in Halifax. A small group of NaNo writers got together to write, exchange ideas and offer suggestions, and generally socialize as much as a group of distant semi-intellectuals can. It was an enjoyable session, and it's almost worth taking on the project just to get a chance to do things like that. Thanks go out to organizer Jamie for putting the thing together.

Once again, I'll point out that a copy of the work in progress is available at any time to anyone who wants to drop me an email. I'm glad to share it, and would enjoy hearing any comments you may have to make, good or bad. I'm also STILL in need of a title, and will consider anything at this point. Drop your suggestions in the box and take a complimentary mint on the way out.

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