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11 May 2007

"Found" Art

Well, not so much found as "rescued". I figured it's time to recover some pieces from the portfolio I had at my Freeservers site. These are pieces I did for a variety of projects over the last few years, and while some of them make me cringe now, I think many of them still hold up.
I'll start off with my black and white work first, and later I'll post some comic strips and color work.
I should also add that I'll be selling some of the originals of these through this site; just look for the tag "for sale" in the categories to see what's currently available. If you see something that interests you, just send me an email and we can work out the details.

To start off, here's a piece I did for my older daughter's birth back in 1998. This was used for birth announcement cards, and there is an oil painting of this piece in her room now.

Next, here's a drawing of the Peter Pan statue in Bowring Park, St. John's, NL. Some friends and I attempted a series of postcards with drawings of local architectural highlights. Unfortunately, the project never took off, but some good work came out of it.

Next up are a pair of pieces I did for a calendar created as an Xmas gift for some friends. To this day, I still get ribbed about the fact that after all the work I put into this, I misspelled one of the key words wrong on the cover of the damn thing.
This one's David Mack's Kabuki character, a favorite of mine:

And this one is a rather racy drawing of Billy Tucci's Shi. There's just something about ninja chicks that works for me, I guess:

Unfortunately, none of these pieces is for sale, as I no longer own the originals. Still, maybe they'll give some readers ideas for custom pieces they'd like to have done for themselves.

That's all for this update. Next time, I'll post some comic strips from my university days.

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