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28 September 2007

It Never Rains But It Pours...

Busy, busy, busy!
I'm just finishing work on one project (more about which in the coming week), when another big...excuse me...Big! one lands in my lap. How big is it? It's so big, I can't tell you about it. Yet.
However, for yet another month it looks like I'm not going to be able to fill any new commissions. Once I finish the one I'm currently working on, I'll be caught up, which is nice since I hate to leave anyone hanging. But anything new is going to have to wait at least a month before I can get to it. Still, as always, first come first served, so if you want a sketch done, get your request in early.

Meanwhile, I'll still be posting at least weekly with work from my archives, and you'll be seeing new work from me online at another site very soon.
Here's an old piece that I still enjoy. I've noticed that jungle girls are getting a bit of a resurgence lately, what with the reincarnation of Shanna and Sheena and Frank Cho's cleverly named book, "Jungle Girl". So, this is probably an appropriate time to post this one...

I think I was a little too obsessed with muscular detail when I drew this, and if I were to do it over, I'd probably go for some softer lines and less shading, but overall, I think it stands up as a decent little drawing.

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