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31 March 2008


Found via Boing Boing this morning, the creepiest/funnest/most startling evolution yet of those sprites that follow your cursor.
Click the link and prepare to be...amazed? Amused? Weirded out? I dunno.

Later today: art. I promise.


Derek C. F. Pegritz said...

The incredibly bloodshot eyes are what really makes it. That and the fact that if you place your cursor right between her eyes and jiggle it back and forth, she'll get this wonderful half-lidded "I'm so dizzy I could fall over" look.

I guess I should feel bad torturing the animatronic face, but there's no real sentience behind it, so....

Dominic said...

I know. Is it wrong or just weird of me that I was trying to center the cursor on her nose to see if I could get her to cross her eyes?
I agree about the bloodshot eyes...they're the touch that really makes it work. I can't wait to see what variations on this idea will crop up in the next few weeks.