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04 April 2008


One of the motivators behind my plan for my never realized website "Doodulz" was a collection of caricatures that I did in my university days. I think at some point, I had aspirations of being an "underground" cartoonist, judging from the obviously Crumb-inspired nature of some of these drawings. Each was based on something I either saw or experienced while attending classes at Memorial University of Newfoundland in the 90's. After all this time, I still find them charming, and hope you will as well.

I think we've all sat through lectures like this one...

Coming from a small town as I do, I have an instinctive fear and mistrust of the excessively liberal. It's one thing to keep an open mind, another thing to let your brains fall out...

I can relate to this one even now. Usually by 11 am.

Sadly, I can also relate to this one. Usually between 8 - 10 am.

I think we probably all knew this guy, the skeevy professor or teacher who was always grinning at some joke only he knew, and could usually be caught at least once a day trying to peer down someone's shirt. I swear I had one of these from about Grade 4 on.

And finally, the guy you don't want to be, and certainly don't want to be around. He "knows" it all and is more than happy to share at the merest indication of interest. This is probably a personification for about a quarter of the internet, those parts of it that are not spamming, trolling or looking for nude pictures of Amy Winehouse.

I've got a few more of these that I'll post once I scan them. Feel free to use any of these on a website if you like, but do me a favor and throw a link back if you do.

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