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20 February 2009

Join the Sky Club!

An image from one of my recent projects has recently gone online. Late last year, I completed a set of image for an upcoming CD from the band "Sky Club". The album is called "Ipodius" and it's due to be released later this year from Umbrello Records. You can find out more information about the CD on its Umbrello page. Here's the cover:

This is obviously only a thumbnail of the image; you can see a larger version at Umbrello.

One of the cool things about this CD is that one of the musicians is science fiction author Mack Maloney, creator of the Wingman, Starhawks and Superhawks series of novels. Besides being an entertaining author, Mack's quite an accomplished keyboardist, judging by the samples I've heard from this band.
If you're a fan of good progressive rock (of which I don't think there's enough any more), then take it from me that this will be an album well worth listening to. I'll update here as soon as I know that the album's available, and will try to get permission to post another image or two from the insert. Inn the meantime, keep an eye on their Umbrello page for more news and information about the CD, and while you're at it, check out some of Mack's books for some good reading.

 Quick update:
The album is still a go, but it has switched distributors, and there has been a title change, so I've removed the link and the original cover thumbnail.  I will create a new post with new information soon.

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