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20 March 2009

100 Artists 100!

It looks like I'm going to be in on the sketchbook phase of the 100 Artist Project after all, which is good news to me. I've already sent in my submission for the mailer portion of the project, and I'm looking forward to contributing to the second phase.
For anyone who's not familiar with it, the 100 Artist Project is "a charity endeavor created to help raise money for artistic and creative organizations." Original pieces of art are created to compile a books that are sold to benefit charity foundations such as The Hero Initiative and Comic Book Legal Defense Fund. I'm pleased to have been a part of the first book, which is now available for sale at IndyPlanet, and I've just gotten word that I'll be included on the mailing list for the sketchbook for the second volume.
The project is still looking for people, so if you're an artist interested in supporting their cause, or would just like a little bit of good exposure, why not go over to their site and sign up? Or, if you're a webmaster or blogger, how about grabbing one of their banners (like the nifty one above) and flying it on your site? I'm sure they'll appreciate any help they can get.

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