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21 July 2009

Nerd Rage!

Sometimes...not often, fortunately...I'll fire off a piece of work and forget to follow up on it. That was the case with this one, which I sent to the publisher over a year ago, and only remembered yesterday when I was browsing through a disc of older projects.
This is a pinup page that was done for issue #3 of the comic "Pencilneck" from Paperstreet Comics, a very well done comic by Vic Carungi, Jeff Blascyk and Antonio Brandao. It's the story of a mild-mannered banker who finally gets pushed too far, giving us a look at just what people are capable of under the right (or in this case, wrong) conditions.
Not only did the page make it to issue 3, but they've also seen fit to include in their trade paperback collection of the story. If you're interested in reading it (and I do recommend own copy's on the way right now), the individual issues as well as the trade paperback...along with Paperstreet's other comics...are available from their estore.


Anonymous said...

Fuck thats awful.Looks like he is double jointed all over.Bad bad design.

Mark Leemington

Dominic said...

Interesting point, Mark.
I think I would agree that the right arm looks rather awkward, but I do think that the overall design is solid. Some of the awkwardness is intentional to emphasize the scrawny anatomy of the protagonist, but some of it is, honestly, just bad anatomy, so I'll just learn from it and move on.