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12 August 2010

Flattry Will Get You Everywhere!

Micropayment service "Flattr" has just opened up to public use, and being a fan of all things micropayment, I thought I'd give it a try.
Flatter is a service that allows you to deposit a sum of money to a Paypal style account, then specify any number of sites to whom that money should be distributed at the end of the month.  The amount you have specified to be disbursed will then be shared equally among the people you have "Flattred". 
It's somewhat abstract for now, but I think it's an interesting idea, so I've added a Flattr button in the sidebar at the left.  If you're a member, just click the button to add me to your Flattr list and a few shekels will be distributed to me each month, allowing me to keep producing the drawings that keep this site moving, and bringing me small steps closer to my dream of eventual financial liberation, shortly followed by complete hermitage in a tin roofed shack hidden deep in the wilds of Nova Scotia. 
If you're not a Flattr member, but produce any kind of web content, why not sign up?  Anything that can monetize creative work is good in my opnion, and it could start you working on your own tin roofed shack.  Just not too close to mine, or I'll have to sic the dogs on ye.

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