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05 February 2014

Old Work Published: Self Publisher Magazine #59

Doing a bit of vanity surfing, I turned up this product at DriveThru Comics: Self Publisher Magazine #59.  Apparently they reused my cover art for Sky Pirates of Valendor, Vol. 2, Issue 6.  I don't remember ever getting an email from them about this, so I'm assuming that the folks over at Jolly Rogue Studios gave them permission to use it.  I've got not problem with that, but it would have been nice to know so I could have helped promote them.
The irony of this is really that I got more credit for their reuse of the art than I did from Jolly Rogue Studios themselves, who "commissioned" the art from me.  Their listing for the issue of Sky Pirates doesn't even mention the cover artist.  
In any case, the product is free over at DriveThru, so go ahead and check it out.  It looks like an interesting magazine.

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