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24 September 2018

New Work Published: Maghikal Awakenings by David Brzezinski

Newly released is "Maghikal Awakenings" from David Brzezinsky, who is rapidly becoming the author for whom I have produced the most work.

From the Amazon description:

A majestic black flying ship arrives at Undina with mysterious creatures
called the Canus on board. Three friends, Dakken, Maggie, and Badriq,
are chosen to serve the Canus and find themselves forcibly taken from
their homes and brought to a special training center halfway around the
world. While there, they discover that what they thought they had known
their entire lives was a lie. There is powerful maghik in the world
waiting to be awakened, and Dakken and his friends will play a role that
none of them could have ever imagined. New friends will help them
discover the truth about themselves and the world in which they live,
and nothing will ever be the same again.

I did the cover illustration and full cover design for this one.  It was a fun fantasy novel to work with; a bit of an experiment in color tones for me.  If you're into high fantasy or good YA writing, you should go give it a try.  It's only a buck to buy, or FREE if you're on Kindle Unlimited.  Go! Now!

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