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07 October 2006

And We're Off....

It's five minutes to noon and time for this adventure to begin. Of course, I had to make this a little more challenging for myself; sometime in the last 48 hours I've managed to injure a foot and acquire a head cold. On top of that, my wife threw a birthday dinner for me last night, so I've got a touch of a hangover to contend with as well. Needless to say, I'm looking and feeling my best. If it weren't for the absence of recreational pharmaceuticals, dangerous technology and loose women, I'd swear that Warren Ellis is writing my life.

Before we begin, a few notes on method. I'll be doing this using multiphasic sleep (aka the Da Vinci method), meaning that I'll be stopping every six hours for a twenty minute nap. I've done this before, and I find that it's good for these short marathon bursts, but I really don't recommend it for long-term use. I figure this ought to keep me from burning out completely and let me make the 24 hours at least, even if I don't make the 24 pages.
Nothing fancy about materials...pencil and ink on a Canson sketch pad. I'll be doing the lettering on computer, because my hand lettering is dreadful, and even more so when I rush it. I do want this thing to be readable.

Finally, a dedication. This is to my daughters, to whom I'm hoping to impart some inspiration, or failing that, a certain sense of life. Also, to my wife, who started me off this morning with a good breakfast and has promised coffee on demand, the latest link in the long chain of support she's provided. With love, this work...good or dedicated to the three of you.

And now the clock has passed noon, so without further's go time.

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