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04 June 2008

Coming Out of Quarantine...

How do you spell Fun? I can tell you how not to spell it...P.N.E.U.M.O.N.I.A. I've just had the two most unproductive weeks of my life, weeks in which I couldn't get it together enough to read a book, let along write or draw anything. One of my lungs is still trying to eject itself from my body, and I've burst the blood vessels in one eye from coughing (no joke! I look like a rough draft of Harvey Dent), but I'm finally putting myself back together, which means back to work.
Once again, my plate is full for about the next month, so anything new will have to wait at least that long. The sketch request line is still open, but will understandably be running at a slow pace for a while as I try to catch up and recuperate.
Meantime, here's an old sketch that I think fairly accurately describes how I feel...

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