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25 June 2008

Criminals Are a Superstitious, Goofy Lot...

As a longtime fan of the character, I'm looking forward to the new Batman movie (in spite of the fact that I think the new mask is the worst in the modern crop of movies, and I thought the color palette for Batman Begins was all wrong). I'm for any movie that kills one of its lead actors....Game of Death, Twilight Zone, The Crow...if an actor's willing to die for his art, I'm willing to plunk down my dough to watch him do it.
I was thinking about the character the other day, and realized that in all the writeups the movie Batmen get....Adam West, Michael Keaton, etc. ...nobody ever seems to mention the original movie Batman, Lewis Wilson. That could have something to do with the fact that there were none of the recognizable Rogue's Gallery villains in there. Or maybe it could have something to do with the fact that the costume they used for the Dark Knight in that incarnation looked like it was bought at a dollar store clearance sale. Really, Adam West's featurless physique was bad enough, but was this really the best they could do at the time? Batman is supposed to be a brooding figure of mystery who inspires fear in the hearts of evildoers. Can you imagine being afraid of this goofy sonofagun? So now matter how bad Dark Knight might turn out to be, could always be worse.

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