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08 July 2010

Sky Club on Delicious Agony

Over at one of my favorite prog rock internet radio stations, Delicious Agony, there's a great interview with Mack Maloney about "Sky Club".  I like the comparison of the album to a "Desert Island Discs" compilation.  It makes me wonder what my own desert island disc would contain. 
They get down to discussing the art and the booklet around 14:30 if you want to jump ahead.  The interviewer sounds very positive about it, and I'm also pleased to see that the Amazon reviews of the CD are also saying good things about the art.  I haven't heard anything from or about the other artist for the booklet, but any praise for the visuals goes out to him as much as me. 
You can hear the interview by clicking the "Interviews" link at the left side of Delicious Agony's page, or you can click here to stream the interview directly in your media player.

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