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16 July 2010

There's Banditry Afoot!

In his latest "Rothland Tribune", Ian McDonald has spilled the beans that we're working on a print on demand edition of "Bruno the Bandit", so I might as well add some fuel to that fire. 
We are indeed going ahead with a POD version of Bruno, but that's not going to be the limit of it, by a long shot.  The plan is to get the work out into circulation through a variety of means.  This includes print on demand, but also includes digital distribution.  Digital comics seem to be growing in popularity, especially now that the big two have embraced the format.  I hope that between POD and digital distribution, we can do something to really bring attention to Ian's work.
And may I say I think we're off to a great start.  I'm in the middle of compiling the first book, and it's jam packed with Ian's earliest and some of his best storylines.  We're going to be including original and never before seen content, and to top it all off, we've got a cover drawn by a guest artist that I won't name yet, but will say that Ian and I are picking our jaws off the floor after being able to get this guy to create some work for us.  And there may be more surprises to come....

But I'm not going to go on too much about that here.  This is meant to be my online portfolio, and I don't want to cross it over too much with that project.  If this works out, I am hoping to expand this project to take in other work, not least of all my own long dormant comic book, "The Journals of Simon Pariah".  So, I'll soon be starting a new blog dedicated to news related solely to that project.  I'll post more about it here when it's available, which will be soon.

In the meantime, if you haven't read "Bruno the Bandit", now's an excellent time to go check it out.  Ian's put the strip on hold for a while (but it's clearly not dead), so now would be a good opportunity to catch up on his extensive back catalog and see what all the hoopla is (and will be) about.

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