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14 September 2010

AIMing High!

A while back, Ian McDonald announced on his website that I would be involved in bringing his webcomic "Bruno the Bandit" to print.  This is true, but it's only part of the story. 
In fact, I'm hoping that "Bruno" will be the first of many projects from my own imprint, AIM Comics.  This is, right now, just a banner under which I will be publishing some digital and Print on Demand projects, of which "Bruno the Bandit" is the flagship title. 
Just yesterday, the blog for AIM Comics went live with my announcement of the Bruno project.  I am keeping this separate from the Paladin Freelance blog because this site is mainly intended as my online portfolio, whereas I wanted the AIM blog to be dedicated to news about upcoming projects under that title. 
For a while, updates to this site will be much fewer, focusing on non-AIM projects I have completed that are going to print or seeing the light of day in some way.  Meantime, check out the AIM blog from time to time to see what's happening with my own self-published and partnered projects such as "Bruno the Bandit".  Interesting times ahead.

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