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19 November 2010

Model Bevavior

Gentlemen and Ladies, allow me to introduce Drakaina.

Drakaina is a fantasy art model I recently had the pleasure to meet at Halcon 2010.  She has served as inspiration for a great number of fantasy artists, including Lorenzo Sperlonga, the best of which have been collected in three beautiful volumes of art published by SQP Publications.  Additionally, her image has appeared in a wide variety of magazines, including Playboy and Heavy Metal.
Drakaina was at Halcon to promote her latest art collection and her new comic book.  She was gracious enough to sign a couple of books for me and we had a brief pleasant talk about her preferences in art and her working process.

Through her website, Drakaina offers a gallery of photos for artist reference and inspiration.  The drawings and paintings that fill her books are chosen from among the best of the creations based on these photographs.
Having recently obtained access to this gallery, one of the upcoming projects on my plate is to create a piece based on Drakaina, partly for the enjoyment of it, and partly to see if I can measure up to the artists who have made it into her previous volumes.  As this will be a personal project, I expect it will take some time, but I will post a copy of the image here once it's done.  In the meantime, be sure to check out Drakaina's website, and grab a copy of her books when and wherever you can.

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