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08 October 2013

I See Weird Things

One of my lifelong favorite publications, Weird Tales Magazine does a weekly online profile of artists under its column "They See the Weird". This week, they've chosen to give me the spotlight. To say I'm excited about this pushes the limits of the definition of "understatement".

If I have to tell you the history behind Weird Tales, you may have been living under a rock since...ever.  These are the people that first published the work of H.P. Lovecraft, Robert E. Howard and just about anybody worth mentioning in the golden age of pulps, right down to some of the giants of the modern era.  Seriously, if they're worth reading, they've been in Weird Tales at some point, and if you haven't read Weird Tales, you are missing out.  Big time.

I've been nearly euphoric since I found out about this profile just over a week ago, and nearly frantic with anticipation for it to happen. I can't say "Thank you" often enough to the WT editor who chose me for this honor, nor state how much it means to me to get recognition from so prestigious a publication.

What are you waiting for...get thee over to the Weird Tales website and see it for yourself. I'll just be spinning with joy for a while.

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