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07 October 2013

New Work Published: Battle for Berridor by Dave Brzezinski

Now available for your Kindle device or app, "Battle for Berridor:  Return of the Firebreathers" is a new book by Dave Brzezinski, co-author of the recently featured "Safyre:  Explosive Origins". I had the pleasure of creating the cover illustration for this one.  I don't get the chance to work with dragons very often, so this was definitely fun. 

From the book's description:

"Following many generations without firebreathers, a baby dragon named Uro is unexpectedly born in the kingdom of Berridor. A dragon needs a trainer, and Allard is the young man chosen for the monumental task. As Allard begins to care for the fledgling dragon, he makes many new friends, including Charlotte, the Princess of Berridor.

When a frightening new evil arises from a neighboring kingdom, Allard and Charlotte must work together, with the young dragon, to save Berridor. The unlikely trio will embark upon a dangerous journey through far away lands in order to protect their home and their friends. Along the way, they meet mysterious new people and fascinating creatures, some of them friendly and others dangerous enemies with nefarious intentions. As they journey together, they will learn much about each other and even more about themselves.

As Allard, Charlotte, and Uro race against the clock, they will learn about a past that will forever change their futures. But, will it be in time?"

The book is available right now for just under a buck, so if your a fantasy fan, be sure to give it a try

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