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12 July 2007

Time for a Contest!

I think it's time to show my appreciation of my readers, especially those of you who have come here by way of "Bruno the Bandit", by giving away some artwork.
Below is a scan of a Frazetta homage I did as a present for Ian McDonald, creator of the afore- and oft- mentioned "Bruno the Bandit" webcomic. There's a color version of this floating around someplace, although I naturally cannot find it when I need it (I have really GOT to organize my files). The color version was done for the possibility of doing this as a Bruno T-shirt, but that never came to fruition (yeah...wassup with that, Ian?). If I can ever find it, I will post that as well.
As a "thank you" to readers, subscribers, and those who have ordered sketches, I am going to give away the original art for this piece to one lucky person. The original is on heavy illustration board, about 10x15, and is a sharp little piece if I do say so myself.
It seems to me I tried to give this one away before by asking readers to identify all the comic characters referenced in the drawing, but nobody was able to name them all. This time, I'm going to make it easier. Just send me your name in an email ( and you will be entered for a draw for the contest. On 31 July, I will draw a name from a hat...or a fishbowl, or a bucket, or whatever I can find to hold all your names, and post the winner's name on this blog. Email addresses and other contact information will not be sold, rented, loaned, given away, or otherwise maltreated or given the cold shoulder.
So what are you waiting for? Send me an email and get your entry in to win a piece of original Bruno the Bandit art!
(Only one entry per email address, natch!)

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