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16 August 2007

Enter Sandman

Currently, I'm reading, and quite enjoying, the 90's Vertigo series "Sandman Mystery Theatre". I especially like the pulp-themed covers with their clever photographic work. I also enjoy reading a reimagining of an older superhero that does not depend heavily on the Moore/Miller style of reconstruction. Matt Wagner did some first-rate writing on this series, and it's quite a change from his work on Grendel and Mage, which shows his range. I've enjoyed Guy Davis's work since I first picked up Saint Germaine from Caliber, and I'm proud of the recent acquisition of a signed Baker Street hardcover. His work in SMT is a little tighter than it is in most other things I've read by him, but he's still got that loose line and distinct sense of form that bucks the typical comic book esthetic. Good reading all the way around, and highly recommended.

And on that noir note, I'm off for two weeks vacation in atmospheric Newfoundland as nature, proving that it lacks any sense of irony, is about to batter the eastern seaboard with Hurricane Dean. See you in September...and pleasant dreams.

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