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03 August 2007

Desk Doodles!

A few quick sketches from my blotter to finish off the week. I'd love to get time to color more of these, but there always seems to be something else demanding my time RIGHT NOW! Hmmm....maybe it's time for a sick day.

First up, a sketch sort of inspired by those creepy psychic kids in Akira...

Next, a sketch done while listening to Patrice on the Keith and the Girl podcast. I'm not into gossip, but she's just enjoyable to hear.

For something a bit different, there's this frosty lady...

A couple of larger pieces next. First, this CARniverous vehicle a la Big Daddy Roth...

And finally, there's this. Spongebob Batpants? Batbob Spongepants? A desperate cry for more sleep? You decide.

That's it. I'm off for a wet and wild weekend. Which unfortunately means flume rides and bumper boats with my kids, not semi-disrobed floozies and beer funnels. Oh well; ya takes what ya can get.

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