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14 December 2007

By the Sword and the Cross!

Every now and then I'll take a look at the details of my SiteMeter reports and check out the links that refer readers to this site...more out of curiosity than anything, since I'm not one of those people who is trying to "monetize" my blog. One thing that struck me as interesting is that a significant number of people come here after doing a Google search for "paladin sketch" or some derivative of that. This is an interesting bit of irony, as despite the name of this blog, there is no sketch of a paladin on this site. Until now.
I've been using the name "Paladin Freelance" since the late '80's when I first studied commercial art. The name derived partly from the legends of King Charlemagne (France's answer to King Arthur's roundtable), and partly from the old TV series, "Have Gun Will Travel", whose gun-slinging hero, Paladin, remains one of the greatest figures ever to appear on the small screen. The Freelance, of course, came from the fact that I've always wanted to work freelance, to give me greater control over what I draw. I'm aware of the connection to RPG's like "Dungeons & Dragons", but I've never been really into those games, so it's not a strong connection for me, and the Clyde Caldwell / Larry Elmore vision of the paladin never really appealed to me. My idea of the paladin, while no less noble, is a more classical, rougher view of the concept.
So, finally, here's my own vision of a paladin. The figure is based on figures in the statue of Charlemagne and his retainers in Notre Dame Square. The color scheme is made up from whole cloth.
To all who come here from Google looking for a're welcome.

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