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04 December 2007

Gettin' Love From KATG!

Just for fun, check out this episode of Keith and the Girl to hear Keith Malley tear me a new one for comments I've made on their forum. Look at me, Ma! I'm pissing off Noo Yahkers!


Anonymous said...

Fuckin' Dominic...

Anonymous said...

Fuckin' Howard Stern wannabes! ;-)

Dominic said...

Tsk, anonymous....don't be a hater.
They are who they are and they do what they do. They keep me amused five days a week, not counting Backstage shows and the TV show, and that's all I ask from them.

If Keith decides to take the piss out of me for a comment, I'm cool with that. I've said what I need to say, and tomorrow's a new show.

Fuck you too, Keith Malley, you funny bastard. Fuck you too.