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02 January 2008

New to You!

Congratulations to the earth for having made yet another revolution around the sun, with warm wishes for many more.

Some of my favorite things from 2007, in no particular order....
-Tom Waits's 3 CD set, "Orphans". One of those musical things that makes you wish you could grab random people, slap headphones on them, and say, "Listen to this!"
-Warren Ellis's "Crooked Little Vein". Mad as arseholes, with more hate than Ambrose Bierce on a tequila bender, but the second best fun you can have between the covers, and the only book in the last ten years that insisted I finish it in one day.
-"Ratatouille" and "Meet the Robinsons". It's probably a sad statement on movies when the best ones were made for kids, but these were two of the most enjoyable films ever, made even better by being able to share them with the family.
-"League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: The Black Dossier". Brilliant lunacy from Moore and O'Neill, two people who apparently remember what comics should and could be.
-Podcasts. Escape Pod. Pseudopod. Keith and the Girl. Spider on the Web. Starship Sofa. Hooting Yard. Soccer Girl. The list grows daily. My god, it's full of content.
-Life, libertine and the pursuit of happiness.

What does 2008 hold? I've got some ideas and plans, but short answer is, I don't know. Tell you what, though...I'm going to try to make it interesting.

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